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I'm in love with nowhere else to go
Mark it on your calendar tonight there will be snow
And there'll be rain and there'll be tears and down my face they'll flow
'Cuz I'm in love, I'm in love with nowhere else to go
We always said we'll share a bed
In this city...
Now I'm here on my own...

London oh, London London
(tears don't dry in London)

I’m giving away, my heavy heart,
I’m giving it away, for good
No more worries, about a future I can’t see,
And i’m not sure, if anyone else could

My mother said, that I’ve lost my mind, 
Packing my bags to London
I hate to say it, but I know she’s right, 
Distance won’t change a thing
So no more songs for him

Gonna breath in, the seasons
Remind myself of what I believe in
Take a walk, by the blue
Forget there was ever me and you

But London don’t get me wrong my love
I’ve walked your roads, I know you know my love
But I just wanna be okay
Without running away

No, wait, don’t go
Haven’t you been listening to my stereo?
These songs I play them to say, stay, stay don’t go.
I didn’t mean to be cold
My day got in the way I couldn’t say hello
But you were on my mind
Otherwise what’s time, without you around?
We’re all trying to get, to a higher ground
Till we get there, it’s you and me, we’re family, come home
Don’t leave me alone
Life always looks more fun in the unknown
Once you get there, all you want to do is come on home.

Home, leave your pride and just come home
Home, it’s where your heart is free to roam
Home, your hands have built this, stick and stone
Home, leave your pride and just come home. 

Lucky I don’t wear perfume
Don’t want my scent to be there when you’re bringing girls home
That was my kingdom, I was free to roam
Now I’ve handed in my diamonds and I’ve handed in my throne

Just for the record, Just for the record,
You should know that I let you go the day you let me go

I put it all in a box and I set Fire
Together we were cool then you let me go on my own I got this strange desire
To put it all in a box and set Fire
So I put it all in a box and I set Fire
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
Love into ashes, chemical reactions
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
I put it all in a box and I set (Fire)

Even though it still beats, I don’t recognise my heart
You left it there to bleed, who do you think you are?
You tell me that you miss me and you call me when you want
Then you go out to bars and you're kissing girls in cars

Oh love , in to ashes
Chemical reactions
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
I used to trust your words now they’re going in the box
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
Everything we were is ashes on the floor
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
I put it all in a box and I set Fire 

Songs At Your Door
I hope my heart don't hate me
I'm about to wear it on my sleeve
Kept it guarded all these years
Locked it in and lost the keys

I still think it's a bad idea
To let you in and love you dear
But hating you got me nowhere
So what's a girl to do with a boy like you?

You want no more
Sad songs at your door
But I am just as scared
So love me like a friend
And the rest, the rest will come for sure

Think I really fell when you left your home
And drove for miles just to watch storm
You must be crazy boy, I don't know
But I'll be crazy not to give you a go

I still think it's a bad idea
To let you drive and let you stare
But hating you got me nowhere
So what's a girl to do, with boy like you?

Make this the last sad song that I write in my book, 
Re-assure me this is for sure with one of your looks
I'll take love and make art, let your heart guide me, to your  heart
And the rest, the rest will come for sure. 

The Pilot
It was a blind date
25th of May
Should I have stayed away?
Was loving you then losing you worth the pain? 
I don't know

'Cuz now I sit and wait
For you to contemplate
If I am your forever, or if there is someone better
Who's worth the headache

Well I don't wanna be with someone
Who don't wanna be with me
No I don't wanna be with no one
Who left, tho he said, he'd never leave

So fly, high, baby
Please remember me
You got your dream
But somewhere in there you lost me

That day in George cafe
Trying to figure out what to say
Mesmorized by your eyes, sunglasses on your head
It was so well played, when in 2 days
You remembered my birthday...

Wasn't counting on falling in love
But when you finally said it first, I cried,
And now we say goodbye,
What a cruel, cruel universe..

So here you go, you got your song
Sorry it couldn't be a better one
Sorry I couldn't make it sound like home
Sorry that we never built one
Sorry for the times I made you mad
I tried the best with what I had
Sorry we couldn't agree on right and wrong
Sorry that I'm so headstrong
Sorry you never put that ring on
I hope you find a better one. 

When you were bored, you found me
Told me that you adored me
You made me fires, but kept the heat
Promised a diamond on repeat
When you were bored you kept me

But I should've seen this coming

All of the signs
They point to exit
There's been a tonne
But somehow I've missed it
And told myself, you were the one for me
Cuz you promised, that you would never leave
But all of the signs, all of the signs, 
They point to exit

Then things got big, exciting
Playing with the big boys, money rolled in
You let me keep your heart but turned it to stone
7 long months, strung me along
When things got big, you left me

You're busy keeping busy far away from me
I wanted you, not your money
I wanted you to keep all your promises,
But it is, what it is

No Way
Will I fall for you
No, not a chance

You’re just a little boy
Who’s a bit confused
I’m not about to hold your hand

Cuz if you don’t
Have a heart to give away
What you doing asking for mine?
You’ve got a lot of nerve looking at me that way
Hoping I will be just as blind
Well it’s not so hard to see,
I’m not the one you’re holding at night

No Way
Will I fight for your heart
No, not a chance
My mother told me
Wrong could never be right
Even if you call it love

Don’t talk to me about love, love
When her picture is in your wallet
When you share the same closet
Don’t talk to me I’ve had enough
Of thinking this could be
Anything other than Catastrophe 

Only Secret
I've heard, there's a place where sadness dies
Where everyday, can taste like a sunrise
I've heard, that the only secret
Is to go there, with no regrets

The only way I know, to get there is to decide so

No broken hearts allowed,
No tears in bed after midnight,
Come put a smile on your face,
We're here to give not take

I've heard,  it's all in my own hands
To heal myself, without the medicine
I've heard that the only secret
Is that I am the answer to my own prayers

There's courage and I know, to have it is to decide so

And learn from my mistakes
That failing can be grace
I'm faulty and you're the same
We're only human,  and human we'll remain
Refuse a trophy for being broken
Not everything that shines is golden
Chose you, don't wait to be chosen
We're only human, we're only human

Xmas Song
I'm so glad it doesn't snow at Christmas,
In this Hemisphere
'Cuz I don't wanna be cold this Christmas,
Without you near

I hate it when my feet get cold
Make it worse I got no one to hold
And I walk around thinking
The world owes me something
And then out of thin air,
It hands me a New Year

A year to do, whatever I want to
A year for me to get over you
A year to find the old me
When life was lush, and things were sweet

Franklin Road will never be the same
Without you
No Christmas lights, holding hands, making plans
Doing things people in love do

To all those with a broken heart
Wondering how they could ever start
To feel human again
To smile and mean it

We have to believe, there's a place where sadness dies
We have to believe in beauty

We are, we are, we are, we are, we are
We are broken but not beyond repair
We are, we are, we are, we are, we are
We are resilient and full of grace
We are, we are, we are, we are, we are
We are capable of being great
We are, we are, we are, we are, we are
We are the answers to our own prayers.